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Valorant Coaching

Valorant Coaching
Valorant Coaching
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Try our Valorant Coaching and become a better player, all our coaches have experience and are valorant rank and speak fluent English. This is great if you are a new Valorant player and want to improve your game and it is good if you are experienced too. We sell coaching in packages, select the package that you want, you can select multiple and if you want a specific agent coaching or custom ones.

Once you have selected all the coaching options that you want add it to cart and checkout, after the payment we need in average 1h until a coach in valorant is ready. You can use our live chat located in the right corner if you need any help or support. We have many payment options like paypal and other unique payment methods like steam skins or bank transfer. You can increase qty to increase the time that the coaching will be done.

We have coaching packages for new players and experienced players if you are a new player we suggest to purchase the 3h package designed for a new player if you are experienced select advanced combat to shoot better and learn some advanced combat tactics. We have packages for all the agents where the coach will explain how to play an agent very well and tell you tips and tricks. And our last option is custom valorant coaching where you can explain to the valorant coach what you would like and our coach will teach you that.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is Valorant Coaching?
  • Our coach will teach you to play better Valorant.
  • How long do i have to wait until a coach ready is?
  • It takes around 60min but can take up to 8h after the payment.
  • After the payment how will I be contacted?
  • We will send an email telling you once the coach is ready and he will add you on discord or skype.
  • How is the coaching done?
  • Depended on the package you bought, he will watch you play and give you hints on how to be better and give you tasks to improve your gameplay.
  • I don't speak that well English?
  • You don't need to be a native English speaker, you just need to understand it.
  • What are the payment methods?
  • We accept Paypal, all Credit and Debit Cards, Bank Transfer, Crypto, Skrill and some local payments.
  • I am happy with the coaching can I buy some more coaching that is not in a package?
  • Yes, select the custom coaching and that is if you want something specific, you can increase the quantity on how many hours you want.

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  • Spend 50$ for 3% Discount on Checkout.
  • Spend 100$ for 6% Discount on Checkout.
  • Spend 250$ for 10% Discount on Checkout.

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